• Co-Force Incresing flowering & fruit development.
  • Acelerate germination,Enhancing,beeding,Vigor root growth.
  • Influencing Enzyme System.
  • Improving uptake & translocation of Micro & Macro nutrients.
  • Improves rates of friendly products.


    For wheat,paddy,soyabeen,potato,onion,cotton,tur gram,tomato,brinjal,groundnut,chilli,mango
    ,pomegranate, strawberry,oilseed,pulses. All fruits,vegetables & flowering crops

  • Dosage
  • For drip – co-force 1000ml/ 200ltr. Water used for drip for 1 acre
  • Repeat the use at interval of 15 days for better crop growth
  • Compability- with use most pesticide & fungicide, don’t mix translocation of copper base products

    Packing: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1Ltr

    Ascopylum SPP: 05%
    Fulvic: 03%
    Protein Hydrolysate: 06%
    Filers Carriers: 86%
    Total: 100%
  • CSP

    Silicon liquid provides immense assistance to plant nutrients, which also reinforces the plant walls making it stronger, healthier plants with increased resistance to pest and diseases. The product improves uptake of nutrients and transport through the plant. Moreover, the product provides extra potassium for enhanced flowering . The working hypothesis is that soluble silicon absorbed by plants acts as a catalyst in the plant’s pest resistance mechanisms. Hence, pests feeding on silicon positive plants will struggle to feed without interference by natural plant resistance compounds. As such, these pests are likely to be stressed, and therefore will be more susceptible to bio control agents than pests feeding on silicon negative plants

    The product improves the immunity of plants with disease resistance capabilities. CSP is a ‘functional’ plant nutrient. CSP application can significantly enhance insect pest and disease resistance in plants, consequent yield increases.

    Recommended Dose:
    For all crops 1.5 to 2 gm of CSP Per Lit. of water.stir well mixture while spraying.

    Recommended Crops:
    For following crops grapes, pomegranate, banana, ber, papaya, guava, coconut, arecanut, lime, sweet lime, orange, pineapple, fig, tea, coffee & all types of spice crops.


    CSP 10 is new concept silicon for improved quality crop production. In particular, silicon application can significantly enhance insect pest and disease resistance in plants, with consequent yield increases responses to silicon application in reducing pest populations and plant damage are usually more obvious in susceptible than resistant varieties. Easily integrated with other pest management practices including biological control. Silicon application and resistance to pest damage validation of silicon application for pest control reduce insects attacks. To increase plant growth. To increase disease resistance in plants. Phosphorus & potash uptake and increase keeping quality Improves rates of friendly products.
    To increase flowering, fruiting & fruit size, CRP 8 is a helping nature at virus, fungi, bacteria,nematodes causing diseases and disorders control.

    Recommended APP.for cropes
    Sugercane, vegitable, tuber cropes, fruit cropes, tea, coffee and spice

    10kg per acer or per season 2/3 times through drip irrigation or furtilizer mixture.
    Silicon Mineral(sllica): 50%
    Other ingradients: 50%
    Total: 100%

    Humic force –G

    Humic acid increases the water infiltracation and increase the fertility of soil , intenerate soil water – holding capacity of the soil .they greatly increase soil aggregate structure improve the soil , increases plant root growth and boost effected of phosphoric acid metabolism ,enhance seed germination and help prevent soil acidification. Plant deal with environment strresses . the remove order in slurry and compost piles and keep irrigation line clean , they are often applied with microbial inoculants and liquid organic fertilizers.
    For Plant – enhance resilience of fighting cold . Drought ,insect and lodging Improve tensility of root , make plant absorb better
    For soil – enbance crop physiological activity prevent fertilizer run off Keep effect of fertilizer modulate environment of microorganisoms Improve water holding capacity and aeration

    The product improves the immunity of plants with disease resistance capabilities. CSP is a ‘functional’ plant nutrient. CSP application can significantly enhance insect pest and disease resistance in plants, consequent yield increases.

    Dose :
    5 to 10 kg per acre.(use only soil applications )

    5 kg to 10 kg

    Composition ::
    Humic acid : 06%
    Futvic acid :10 %
    Amino acid : 05%
    Inert material : Q.S.
    Total :100%

    Ami nekson

    Ami nekson : is a fluid organic bio-activater containing amino acids and organic matter from marine source able to grant to the most important biological /metabolic functions The special composition of ami nekson makes this product an important key for the main nutrients to be absorved by the plant either by leaves or by roots . ami nekson contains vitamins , carbs and selected amino acids Among ,these particularly : the glutamic acid essential for enhancing the synthesis Of chlorophyll and the glycine betain crucial as anti stress agent . this complex of encrogetic sources for the plants . made of ami nekson an innovative tool for a sustainable agriculture . Recommended crops : fruit crops , vegitable, ornamentals ,cereals,pulses , oilseeds and cashcrops
    spray 1.5-2ml/lit.

    1 lit./acre

    1 ltr ., 500ml ,250ml,100ml.

    Total amino acids: 72%
    Organic nitrogen N: 05%
    Organic carboon C: 16%
    Aqua and amp. Solvent: 07%
    Total: 100%

    Fungi Flight

    Fungi flight with its unique formula effictively manages various, disesses, late blight leaf spot, early blight leaf blight powdary mildew, downy mildew etc. on all crop
    Benefits of fungi flight
    Fungi flights is a bio fungicide Preventive and curative , prevents spore Productions and germ tube formation This product performs extremely well when used in prevantive spray program At 7 to 10 days interval Relavent discreses Interferes a different locations in the metabolism of the fungi (i.e.multisite action ) Can be used in resistance management.
    How to apply
    Mix the required quantity in the sufficiants quantity thoroughly in the sufficients quantity of water spray on both sides of the leaf /affected areas .

    2 ml /1 ltr water

    1ltr ,500ml , 100 ml

    Composition ::
    Pugenol: 0.10%
    Potasium salt: 99.9% Of farry acid
    Total: 100%


    Conquer super a biostimulent for agricultural G.A. booster improves fruit quality,weight,size & increases Yield
    Benefits effectiveness of conquer super
    To increase flowering , fruiting and fruit Size increases sugar contents of fruits . spray conquer super during active growth stages of fruit Development for better result . One spray prior to harvest results into better luster on fruits and improving keeping Quality Due to increased keeping quality results into better market value . spray conquer super active growth stages of fruit development for better result
    1.5 to 2ml/lit of water (with G.A) Grapes during 2nd and 3rd dipping For vegetables and other crops 1.5 ml /lit. spraying.

    Marine extracts: 80%
    Herbal extracts: 10%
    Emulsifiers: 10%
    Total : 100 %

    Co star

    Use of co star in grapes and fruit crops it develops fruit buds in dormant stage Its also gives good result for termite flower development in pomegranate family croups In grapes and fruit crops its develops fruit buds in dormant stage .during the period of the cane development.dormant fruit buds in cane .it also gives good result for termite flower development.
    Grapes and fruits crops 2 to 3 spray 2@2ml per ltr.
    For vegetable:
    2 ml per ltr .spray use of before flowering 15 days and after flowering 8to10days
    Cotton.chili.capsicum,peas and other-
    2ml per ltr 15 days before flowering and than 15 days interval up to crop harvest increases crop yield and quality.

    Fermented organic weed extract: 0.5%
    Organic fees: 0.02%
    Cytokines: 01%
    Vitamins: 04%
    Amino complex:05%
    QB: 78.98%
    Total: 100%


    Si – spreader is a new generation silicon (trisiloxane alkoxylate )based non –iconic adjuvant innovated by ultra modern R&D center of in gane organic which can be used with fungisides, insecticides & herbicides, PGRs and fertilizers to enhance their performance.
    Benefits effectiveness of si spreader:
    Si. Spreder its works as a sticker , spreader , rain fastener ,activator and adjuvant which ultimately reduces cost and improves profitability It has sticking ,wetting and rain fastening effect . Si-spreader ,since it is based on silicon ,silicon deficiency also is large It improves soil structure and water holding capacity of soil when applied through drip irrigation Promotes rapid uptake of agrochemicals -reduces spray volume requirement.
    For spray 5 ml /20lit. water Through drip ; 1 lit / acre

    don’t mix at copper based product strictly follow the label instruction on pesticide for tank filling and fill water volume to only 90% of the tank and add stickers , mix thoroughly ,wait and add remaining

    1 ltr, 500ml, 100ml
    Marine extracts: 80%
    Herbal extracts: 10%
    Emulsifiers: 10%
    Total: 100 %


    Humic acid increses nutrient uptake ,drought tolerance and seed germination .it increases the microbial activity in the soil ,making it an excellent root stimulator . humic acid increases the availability of nutrients in our fertilizers and in those already existing in your soil . The quality of humic acid products varies widely.
    Easy to use, high purity, excellent properties, very effective, unmatched quality Dose:
    soil application: Rootry 1kg acre at the time of plantation or transplanting with mixture of chemical fertilizers
    Drip irrigation: use of rootry through drip irrigation 1 kg in 200 ltr . of water and at interval of 30to 40 days after planning of crop growth stages.

    Product details:
    increases the availiabilty of macro and micro nutrients. Availability of soil nitrogen increases Activate white root system of plant . Resulting higher and quality yeilds . Root growth increases profusely . Stimulate plant growth . Increases root respiration and formation . Soil structure increses and porosity of soil particles also incrases becouse of soil porosity drainage capacity of soil incrasing and availability of nutrients for root growth easily
    Humic acid:60%
    Potassium humate:10%
    Fulvic acid :10%min
    Amino acid:05%
    Total :100%

    Co See

    co see in new technology seawed based with best quality. Taking account of all uses of seaweed extracts the greatest significance is the application in oreder to incraese plant productivity. Effects of stimulation of growth are microelements, microlements, phytohormones, vitamins, strerols, betains, polysacch arides . the mechanisms that explain the stimulation of plant growth and development consist of modulation of phytohormones,increased photosynthetic efficiency products from seaweed extract have an effect on the root growth and development . other spices of brown algae used in agriculture make list of commercial products from seaweed, specifying the company producing and using products in agriculture .
    Seaweed concentrate triggers , flowering only and fruit formation in a considerable number Seaweed extracts have enhanced the protaction of plants against pest and diseases. These product are used in a stimulant of plant growth. Its helps to increase fruit and quality.
    1 ltr.,500ml , 250ml,100ml
    Total dissolve solid: 40%
    Organic matter: 10%
    Proteins: 10%
    Trance elements: 01%
    Other organic nutrients: 10%
    Aqua: 60%
    Total: 100%

    Conquer Size

    Conquer size is the completely natural product containing extracts of natural waxes & protains which are quickly absorbed by the plant which stimulates activity of tissues which are essential for metabolic activities resulting into improved cell division and flower setting.
    Benefits of conquer size –
    Conquer size is new concept for improving quality crop production . The increase flowering ,fruiting and fruit size . To increase fruit setting and to avoid fruit dropping problem .pod dropping problem Uniform size and weight of the fruit Improves overall health of plant thereby reducing , flowering ,reduced fruit and flower drop and excellent quality of higher yields

    1.5 ml/ltr.during 1st dipping in grapes .for vegetables &other crops 1 ml / ltr.
    1ltr .500ml.250ml.100ml
    Amino acid: 10%
    Seaweed extract: 05%
    Herbal extract
    Growth promoting: 0.01%
    Other excipients: 84.99%
    Total: 100%

    Conquer Super

    Conquer super a biostimulent for agricultural G.A. booster, improves fruit quality, weight, size &increses yield Benefits effectiveness of conquer super : to incrase flowering , fruiting and fruit size.

    Increases sugar contents of fruits.
    Spray conquer super during active growth stages of fruit development for better result . One spray prior to harvest results into better luster on fruits and improving keeping quality . Due to increased keeping quality results into better market value . Spray conquer super during active growth stages of fruits development for better result .
    1.5 to 2 ml /lit.of water (with G.A) Grapes during 2nd& 3rd dipping For vegetables & other crops 1.5ml/ltr. Spraying . Packing 1ltr,500ml,250ml. Packaging:
    fulvic acid: 0.90%ml
    Protein: 4.0%
    Amino acid & vitamine complex: 1.0%
    Other excipients: 94.8%
    Total: 100%


    Wize ++ is ameo acid and vitamin based product mainly used for faster growth ,flowering and increase size of produce this is also good product on issues of flower dropping.
    Benefits of wize ++
    Wize ++ is a incorporates drought resistance . Wize++ helps to boost synthesis of enzymes and leading better growth and yield . Increase the fertilizer use efficiency . Increasing enzyme activity Useful to control droppings of immature flower s and fruits
    all vegetable crops, horticulture crop, nursery crop, nursery plants and other crop.

    5 ml wize ++ in 30ltr . and spray sticker ,mix thoroughly wait and add remaining
    Amino acid: 9600ppm
    Fulvic acid: 30000 Acid
    Aqua media: 89.00%
    Total: 100%

    Folque Asit:

    Folic asit are considerd as the highly effective agents for plant hormones and vitamins . essential for their healthy growth Folique asit it detoxifies polluants in the water and reduces soil life damage . with is low moleculer size ,the chemical enables fulvicchelated minerals to repidly enter through plant walls .its also helps in root growth which magnifiles obvious benefits for root crops . Folique asit also called vitamin B9, enables plants to regulate their DNA functions .this acid basically helps a plant to produce DNA ,which is a nucleic acid that possesses an organism s genetic information . Folique asit additionally enables plants to produce RNA , a nucleic acid that caries information from DNA to plant cell structures known as ribosomes and helps a plant synthesize protein plants need protain to build up the sructures in their cells .
    Folique asit additionally enables plants to metabolize corbohydrates , protain and lipiods or fatty substances . Folique asit essentially helps plants to grow more heavily and healthy Becouse folique asit exits in plants but decomposes ripidly when exposed to strong lights ,giving plants additional folic acid during the planting process is recommended . Folique asit powder is a water soluble vitamin . Very beneficial for growth of plant regulating a plants metabolic functions is another important contribution of folic acid Crops: fruits ,vegetables ,flowers ,field crops ets.
    Recommended dose:
    Spray: 0.75 -1l/lit. during critical growth stages and at the time of fruit maturity to get lustrous and shiny fruits.
    Drip: 500kg-1kg /acre to improve crop growth and specially at the time of fruit set for cell division And cell elongation at an interval or 30 days Upto maturity.
    Bio potassium fulvate: 75% (dry matter basis )
    K20: 15%
    Mosture: 10%
    Other excipients: 94.8%
    Total: 100%

    Hi Briks

    It helps sfathesis and hormones .it gives bumper vegetative growth in all crops . Increase fruits quality colour size brightness , luster in vegetative and horticulture fruit crops . Increases sugar contents In sugarcane and horticulture crop like grapes , mango etc.
    1.5ml,2ml /liter of water and spray throughly repeat the spray at an interval of 15 days .

    with most of pesticides and fungisides don’t mix with copper base products. Packing:
    1 ltr, 500 ml, 250ml
    Fulvic acid: 00.2%
    Protein: 04.00%
    Plant nutrients: 01.00%
    Potassium gluconate: 10.00 %
    Other excipients: 84.80%
    Total: 100%


    Costick is an agricultural spray adjuvant and surface tension reducing agent of high quality formulated by conquer crop care pvt. Ltd. Thorugh indigenenous technology. Agriculture spray adjuvment, spreader,sticker and activator for effective use in agriculture.
    Costick features and benefits:
    Costick has unique action of sticking , wetting and spreading . Costick is an all purpose adjuvant to spray solution that helps to stick and spread on all plant parts and does not allow the solution to wash out in rain . Provides more uniform spray deposit on plant surfaces and improves coverage of solution . Highly useful for insecticides ,fungicides ,plant growth regulators and weedicides when used with combinations .
    Costick does not allow the spray to get washed out evan on rainy days becouse of its excellent quality. Costick is saves quantity of solution and thereby saves money.
    Recommedndation crop:
    Application for crops sugracrane ,vegetable ,tuber crops , fruit crops , tea ,coffee and spices etc.
    Appilication dose: Spray 1-1.5 ml /per ltr.
    Drenching –1ltr/per acre.
    Slurry: 12.00%
    Sodium hydroxide: 05.00%
    Additive and diluents: Q.W.
    Total: 100%


    Leedr is unique product devlopment by conquer crop care own research. Leedr is a compination of humic acid, amino acid,fulvic acid, seaweed extract, cytokinin and organic matter . Leedr is non tixic and safe to use.
    Leedr products the plant from all condition . It induces healthy growth of the plants and helps to fight against various stresses . It offer good seed germination and synthesis of chorophyll. Its creates heltheir plants and increased production capacity . Leedr helps for quality of yield and improves crop yield by : Enhancing ,seeding vigor and rapid growth . Improving uptake and translocation of micro and macro nutrients . Influencing enzyme systeams . Inducing early maturity and helping plant to resist drought . Resulting in higher yeilds and better quality of crop Increases flowering and fruiting .

    1 to 2 ml per litre of water drip 1 to 2 ml /Acre
    1ltr, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml.
    Humic acid: 06%
    Amino acids: 10%
    Organic enzyme: 10%
    Sea weed extract: 10%
    Organic matter: 64%
    Total: 100%